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    Gail Howarth

    Gail Howarth grew up on a farm in West Michigan. Gail’s passion for nature and photography began early. She received her first camera when she was eight years old. It was love at the first click of the shutter. Farm animals, friends, and fields were her first subjects.

    Gail received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Michigan State University in Park and Natural Resources and worked as a park ranger and natural resources researcher for ten years. After that, she spent many years working in the dental field as a consultant. The camera sat idle during most of those years.

    In 2011, both of Gail’s parents passed away on the same day. This event sparked a life-changing journey that continues to this day. It began with immense sorrow that lingered for over a year. One day she felt compelled to pick up her long-neglected camera and go for a walk. It was the first step out of the darkness. Gail began to focus on the abundant beauty of nature through the viewfinder on the camera. It healed her heart.

    A photographer becomes acutely aware of “the moment”. No past, no future. Only the present. It is Gail’s desire to transport the viewer to that moment.

    Gail lives with her two cats on a small lake. She calls her place the Lakehouse. In addition to landscape photography, Gail enjoys writing and capturing images of people that are raw and real, and the nesting pair of Sandhill Cranes that live in her back yard.

    Gail is also a contributing artist to Cap and Winn Devon Art Group, an internationally known stock art provider.

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